Exhibition Diary


Now Exhibition :  Old Artists's painting  in Korea & favorite  arts of the world




Piero, Nam,kwan 

Oil on canvas, Oil on canvas, 90.9 X 65.2cm, 19701984, Nam,kwan


Stone wall, Leedaiwon

Oil on canvas, 72.1 X 54cm, 1968

Landcape, lee,daiwon

65 X 54cm, Oil on canvas, 1965


Internal rythm, Kim, Taeho

Oil oncanvas, 116.7 X 91cm, 2016


Internal rythm, Kim, Taeho

Oil oncanvas, 162 X 130cm, 2016




  해 면. 박창돈

  Oil on canvas, 60.6 X 72.7cm, 1988



   Untitle, 유영국

   Oil on canvas,  60.6 X 50cm, 1980



시장사람들. 김경렬

 Oil on canvas, 227.3 X 181.7cm, 1988 


Nude, Kim, kyung yeol

53 x 45cm, Oil on canvas, 1990


  구성, 안영일, 20호, Oil on canvas 



 신화시대, 김영주,   Oil on canxas, 1990, 60.6 X 72.7cm 


목동, 황유엽

Oil on canvas, 1991


Olimpic simol (오륜마크), 문신

 Stainglass+Stainless,  Ф135 X 30.5cm



소녀, 최종태,

33 X 30.5 X 105cm, Bronze, 1987




Twin colors,  Tatzuno Toeko

Acrylic on canvas, 218 X 291cm, 2003


Aug-1-2007, Tatzuno Toeko

Acrylic on canvas, 2007


Beautiful bedroom-Kate, Tom Wesselmann

Acrylic on Blossom paper.


Young woman with Loons and Fish, Norval Morrisseau

Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 85cm, 1979