2016. 9-10. Integeralism. Ham,yeonsik


2016. 7. Popartistinworld.htm


2016. 5. Old master painting In Korea


2016. 4. Pop Artist in the world


2015, 12. Lightscattering, Do, heungrok


2015. Renewal Exhibition, Tatzuno, Toeko


2015.  Gallery renewal Exhibition      Lee, ufan,  Kim, soo,  Tatzuno Toeko,


2014, One point collection of foreign art  -  Tom Wessellmann,  Rovert Combas,  Jean Pierre             Raynaud,  Romero Britto,  Kusama Yaoi


2013. Revaluation of Korean Art


2012, Find New Korean Art wave


1998.  Silent,  Mediation   Ha, Yongseok


1997. Harmonism of 2-D Art and 3-D Art - Jeong, daehyun,  Kim, kyoungyeol


1996.   4th A.C.A.F   Park, jongseok


1990.  Re-openning exhibition of New Gallery(Cheongdham gallery)

            Kwon, youngwoo,   Nam, Kwan,  Jeon, roijin


1987. Openning ceremonial Exhibition - Famouse Artists exhibition in korea

          -Nam,kwan, Kim, whanki, Do, sangbong, Jang, uccjin, Park, duksoon-